NeuroTracker, available in Traverse City, MI, is a 3D object-tracking technology that was designed to boost users' cognitive abilities by way of mental training. The end goal is to boost your decision-making, attention span, and visual perception. Dr. David Haataja of Dr. Dave's Chiropractic will explain the benefits of this technology to you.

Initially, NeuroTracker was created to train athletes. Nowadays, it is used in a number of different fields, including the military, academics, and medical rehab.

Specifically, NeuroTracker shows its users numerous moving 3D objects on its screen. The user then has to track a specific item on the screen while ignoring all other items.

As NeuroTracker progresses, it becomes more challenging and pushes the user to make more difficult decisions.

Who Should Use NeuroTracker?

Anyone who wants to sharpen their cognitive skills, particularly when it comes to decision-making, attention span, and visual perception, should use NeuroTracker. It has been found to benefit people who are rehabbing after a concussion, athletes, and folks in the military.

For example, hockey players, basketball players, soccer players, and military personnel all have to read their environments and make quick decisions based on what is happening around them. NeuroTracker was designed to enhance these athletes' situational awareness and boost their ability to make the best decision in high-stress situations. 

Should any of these athletes or military personnel suffer a concussion, research has demonstrated that NeuroTracker exercises in Traverse City, MI, can actually accelerate the individual's recovery time.

Is NeuroTracker Effective?

Yes, studies have shown that NeuroTracker is effective in boosting cognitive skills. In fact, these studies have demonstrated that NeuroTracker is effective in a number of populations and across a wide age range.

For instance, there was a study that was published back in 2018 in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement. In this study, subjects were given ten NeuroTracker sessions each. The cognitive growth that each subject demonstrated in terms of processing speed, attention, and working memory demonstrated the success of NeuroTracker exercises. 

Another study that was reported in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine back in 2017 tracked a group of soccer players for six weeks. What this study found was that soccer players whose brains were trained with NeuroTracker were better able to anticipate the moves of their soccer opponents. 

In addition to these two scientific studies, further proof that NeuroTracker is effective is the fact that it is being used by medical facilities, military units, and professional sports teams worldwide.

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